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Matthew Robertson, M.D.


Jason Gates, M.D.

Immediate Past President


Tri Dinh, M.D.

Secretary Treasurer

Thomas Rutherford, M.D.

Member, Program Committee

Megan Indermaur, M.D.

Member, Program Committee

Martin Martino, M.D.

Member, Program Committee

Fadi Abu Shahin M.D.

Member, Program Committee





We invite you to participate in the 30th Annual Florida Society of Gynecologic Oncology Annual meeting June 6-9 2024 at Longboat Key Club Resort, Longboat Key, FL. 

Gynecologic Oncologists from the state of Florida convene for a 2-day meeting on timely topics in Gynecologic Oncology.


Exhibits are directly adjacent to our meeting room. Both Friday and Saturday there is a breakfast and a break and one on one time with the attendees. 

Sponsors are invited to attend all evening social events.


1. Silver​

  • $5000 sponsor price

  • Includes a 6 foot table display

  • 2 access badges 

  • Company sign

2. Gold

  • $10,000 sponsor price

  • Includes 6 foot table display

  • 3 access badges

  • Company sign at registration and in lecture hall

3. Platinum

  • $15,000 sponsor price

  • Includes 6 foot table display with extra room for floor models needed to display medical equipment

  • 5 access badges

  • Lunch or Breakfast sponsorship with additional advertising during designated hour lecture times as well as additional promotions -- projector signage, signs at registration, in lecture hall, and recognition when guests check in.


Our preference is to accept only online submissions and online payments through our online store.  Everything you submitted previously on paper can be submitted more efficiently through our online store.  Your sponsorship is important to us, so should your entity require to remit documents via snail mail or through check you will need to coordinate this with us separately.  Our entity is ran by volunteers, so please be patient on our response time should you not utilize the online store option.








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